Taking on challenges

One of my biggest challenges in my daily activities as a owner of multiple business and a holder of many different skill sets. I find it extremely hard to keep up with everything that I enjoy doing and that includes work. I know with all of the information surrounding online income it can be extremely hard to focus on just one or two things in your business model let alone the 15-20 nobody really told you about. I’m not trying to scare you here it just is what it is, It’s a ton of work and sometimes often when your starting out your going to spend money and loose it forever on worthless crap you once thought looked cool. Trust me I fed the crap monster with my money for years too! Don’t feel bad, Do feel educated, you just learned something and your one step closer to what you want.

Keep your head up, keep moving forward, Don’t be afraid to spend that 40 bucks on something that could work and make you thousands. You can’t Learn what you learn out here in collage. Its so new that hardly nobody knows how to do it so don’t feel bad if it takes a good year or so before you get good at it. Remember your job or old job were you friggin awesome at it the first day? Odds are you weren’t.

Just take it one step at a time!

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