How do I make money online?

How do I make money online?

Good question.


To completely answer your question in this 1 blog post would be impossible there are thousands of ways to make money online.

Here are just a few to get your gears turning….

Affiliate Marketing

Network marketing


Selling things on Craig s list


It takes knowledge about those subjects to make any money at all in the beginning months and years I know I went threw it.

Whats the number one thing that you must have in order to make any business successful?

Traffic… quality laser targeted traffic.


Like ways to make money online there are even more ways to get traffic however very few work like the one that I use .


What would life be like if you had an abundance of traffic beating down your door to either buy what you sell or learn what you teach?

The difference between 1000 hits a month or day or 100,000 hits is simply positioning.

Do you know how to properly position your self online?

Quick little test Google your name most people cannot find any information on themselves.


Now Google  Nick Lannan  I own the majority of the page what does this mean for me it simply means that if someone were to ever Google my name the could find every piece of information of mine relevant to that search.

I know some of you are thinking safety right.  I know there are people that are out there doing wrong but I try not to think about them stay positive and keep moving forward.

You have to envision what people would search for when they would be looking for your product or service.

Lets say your trying to move some apples

some big Bertha apples < cheesey branding>

Start by thinking about what words best describe your big Bertha apples.

Big Apples

Big Bertha apples

big red Bertha apples

big green bertha apples

Bertha apples

So there are a few keywords to chew on, think about how someone might use the keywords above in a phrase to find your apples

Write those phrases down and write good high quality content around them to further support and persuade consumers in their decisions to purchase your product or services.


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