Caring about the work in front of you is hard when your stressed!

Sometimes I feel like giving up and just quiting, if your honest with yourself you may feel the same. In my line of work things are very different I have to give before I ever want that is what is attractive to people and that is what people like, well that is what I have found any way.

Im not sure if you agree or not so leave a comment below if you like.

Any way back to the caring part… I know how hard it can be to look at a stack of work and and even remotely begin to feel motivated to do my very best. This rings true all most every day I go to work and come home to do even more work.

I try to keep my self motivated by thinking about the end result and by also thinking about whom I may hurt other than myself by not doing a good job and producing quality results.

In many situations its the consumer that would get hurt not myself or the company I work for or own. When I envision my customers face with a frown on it or a nasty phone call or email that is what gets my but in gear. That is what really makes me push forward to make the job right and on time.

Above I said that the consumer would get hurt and not me but that is not always true, on this side of the situation my reputation is on the line and if I don’t have a good one or one at all I would not get the best form of advertisement of all “A referral” Word of mouth advertising is I think the most important and most powerful form of advertisement.

I don’t do all that I do to see you become rich or to make a bunch of money I cant spend your money anyway right?

I do what I do to try and help you get closer to your dreams and goals no matter what they are big or small. But of course the money doesn’t hurt either.

I’m going to wrap this up I want to spend some time with my wife she has had a couple of tough emotional days.

So keep in mind that no matter what your working on never loose sight of the end result and who you may end up hurting because you may not feel like giving your best that day.

I see so many people loose sight of who we really work for and become selfish and want before the every give anything!

Work for others like you you would work for your self or family and your business will explode.

It goes back to that old saying treat others as you would like to be treated.

On another note if your online shopping for something check to see if I carry it I sure would love to have you as a customer.

If your not saving a bunch of money with me you must have not bought anything!

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Talk to you soon!

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