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I want to talk about affiliate marketing a bit,   I believe that a lot of people under estimate the power of affiliate marketing.


Now I am no GURU so to speak but I have been studying about affiliate marketing for about 4 years now and I have been known to make as much as 700 in one month and a safe average would be around 250 – 300  a month.

I know this sounds minimal and could not support someone full time however that is not my situation and I tend to use that money for beer money and saving for vacations stuff like that.

That is what attracted me to affiliate marketing in the first pace.  It’s the ability to give yourself the tools to climb up above everyone else.

You wouldn’t go camping with out your tent and matches would you?

I don’t….

There are thousands of companies that offer you the chance to make some money all you have to do is look for the ones you want.

For example do you want a few expensive products or do you want 300,000 not so expensive.

For me it’s all about positioning  are you really ready to catch that sale?

I know you want the money im talking about are you ready to help with out want?

It sounds like a lot of work right, that’s because it is and if your worried about that your in the wrong business.

My fingers hurt right now but Im getting it  done and that what it takes!

When you hold big information im talking about the kinds of information that can allow you to intertwine your product or service into someones business you can effectively build a safe residual income that just keeps coming but here is the catch are you ready for this?

You have to build it, you have to build your empire the way it suits you.

To do all of that you have to know how or know someone that knows a fair amount about it I am definitively still learning, if your not learning your not growing!

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