What ‘wood’ you guys do about this?

I’m not sure if this is a case of separation anxiety or what, but we have our first real issue with Meia.

Yesterday afternoon I had to run down to the garage for something. I was gone no more than four minuets and returned to have Meia greet me at the door with a small chunk of chewed floor molding in her mouth. I did a quick scold, relieved her of the molding and found a short wrap around joint near the corner base of the fireplace where she had pried the joint loose and pulled it off.

All this in under four minutes, I swear.

Meia was read the riot act and retreated ears down to her blanket. When my wife came home she also pointed out the offense with words like ‘no’ and ‘bad ‘.

This morning I was in my study when my wife came in to ask what our plans were for the day. My study has always been off limits to our dogs. Even with the door open they were trained to sit at the threshold and wait but never enter.
As we talked Meia started to bark at the open door. We shushed her and she left. No more than a few minutes later my wife leaves to find Meia chewing on the wall of the same small space where the molding had been.

Now, since we brought Meia home she quickly learned Heidi’s stuffed animals are not dog toys and not to be touched. In fact, all minor puppy infractions have been quickly resolved. This however has us concerned because we think it has to do with separation anxiety.

Over the past week or so we have noticed that Meia will not stay in a room alone. If one of us gets up to go to the kitchen, bathroom or whatever, Meia has to get up and follow closely. Our home layout is open as opposed to closed off rooms. There is an open flow between all rooms other than bedrooms and bathrooms, so its not like she is blocked off away from us.

In both cases when she gnawed she was either left alone or shooed away.
Meia has plenty of toys she chews on, so its not like she is chew deprived.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is there some solution if this is separation related, or will we have to change her name to ‘Beaver’?

The rest is here: What ‘wood’ you guys do about this?

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