Oiled Pelicans on Garcon Point. Pensacola, Florida

06.28.10  Garcon Point/Pensacola, Florida My neighbor Robyn called me about 7:15 to say  she saw something strange in the water and as we were checking out what appeared to her that looked like oil sheen, she noticed this pelican sitting on her seawall. Without a doubt, he was covered in oil and then we noticed a number of other oiled pelicans sitting on the nearby piles in the water just off shore of her house.

Another oiled Pelican on Garcon Point

The wildlife rescue has been called, again today, to help with an oiled pelican here on Garcon Point, just east of Pensacola and on Escambia Bay. Last eve, there was a few oiled Pelicans spoted but it was too late in the day to try a rescue, although the rescue team did show up at my door to take a look at the photos that I have taken of the pelicans