MT: Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs

Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs July 7, 2010 The White Sulphur Springs, Mont., city council has passed an insurance requirement for the owners of certain breeds of dogs with reputations for aggressive behaviors. The ordinance requires owners of pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers to purchase $500,000 in liability insurance, regardless of whether the animal has shown aggressive behavior. Owners of other dogs would be subject to the insurance requirement if their animal bites a person or acts aggressively without provocation.


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4th of july/crate issue

Merecedes is crate trained and has NO issues with her crate under normal circumstances.However, she is afraid of the fireworks,and has taken to tearing the crate apart.Litterrally biting the metal bars and bending them inward.Her crate-pad is untouched.Her crate is bent to hell and one more metal bending session and I am afraid I going to have an escaped dog go thru my bay window.The ONLY reason she has not gotten out is the metal caribeeners i have the door secured with,so she cant get out.Sadly the damage to the rest of the front of the crate has me worried-and tonight is the biggest night of fireworks in my area.We have tried using soft music and white noise to drown out the sounds-with marginal success.Rescue remedy is on board. How can I keep mercedes safe,and deal with her mind and metal bending fears?