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From Sand to Solar

Energy investors and entrepreneurs often refer to the period between technologies being developed in the lab and making their way to the marketplace as a “valley of death” due to the multitude of factors that can prevent those advancements from reaching the consumer. Today, just miles from the real Death Valley in Nevada,


The President believes that often the best ideas come from outside Washington and from those who work day in and day out on the frontlines. That was the thinking behind the SAVE Award we launched last year – a way to get ideas directly from federal workers all over the world about how to cut waste and save taxpayer dollars. In just three weeks, federal employees submitted more than 38,000 ideas identifying opportunities to save money and improve performance.

Smith Electric Just One Example of Innovation in Kansas City

Today, President Obama spoke with workers at Smith Electric’s new factory in Kansas City. Missouri. With a $32 million grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act coupled with $36 million in private capital, the electric vehicle company is building up to 500 all-electric trucks.