Personnel Cabinet presents furlough regulation to Personnel Board

Kentucky Personnel Cabinet Secretary Nikki Jackson today presented a regulation to the State Personnel Board as the state prepares to furlough state government workers a total of six days in Fiscal Year 2011, as authorized by the 2010-12 biennial budget passed by the General Assembly.

LeBron James Walking out of the building next to my office!

This happened today completely by chance, I was @ work, I saw two helicopters, I started searching the news channels for the accidents or whatever tragic event was unfolding. Nope, It was LeBron James and he was next door.  Apparently he was getting an MRI.  I cannot confirm nor deny this but he was there, less than 10 feet away from us! Welcome to Miami Lebron!

Glenn Beck: Black panthers respond to "kill cracker babies" comment

The response is not positive. Out of all the frightening ‘kill crackers’ and kill cracker babies comments, the main problem Panthers leadership had is that a black man was publicly berated in the process. As for the killing of white babies, they are willing to stipulate that ‘in this context’ they disagree with the killing of babies.

My visit to Orange Beach, AL

I am a Orange Beach resident. I decided to go check the beach where I onced planned on taking my children to during their summer vacation. Where I have beautiful pictures of my children playing on the white sands and beautiful waters of the gulf,  I now have these pictures to explain to my children why we are unable to go to the beach.

Smith Electric Just One Example of Innovation in Kansas City

Today, President Obama spoke with workers at Smith Electric’s new factory in Kansas City. Missouri. With a $32 million grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act coupled with $36 million in private capital, the electric vehicle company is building up to 500 all-electric trucks.