bark busters ???

anyone heard of these guys r they refutible the trainer we would be working with in par ticular are Joh Moyses heres his certs id assume John and Sharron Moyses Bark Busters Dog Behavioral Therapist and Trainer Advanced Training Certified Master Trainer Trainer of the Year (2008) Leader Dog Puppy Assessment Volunteer Behavioral training with real results! any opinios would help

Why not just switch to raw?

Ok, so after the local feedstores here increasing all their kibbles dramatically, I’ve decided to switch to raw for my dogs because I don’t want to feed my dogs crap in a bag and I gotta say, it is definitely going to save me a lot of money and raw is supposed to have a lot of benefits as well. So here is my question for the ones that are feeding high end kibble such as :innova evo, totw, blue buffalo, wellness core, orijen, instinct, go, etc. How come you guys don’t switch to raw?