Arizona police prepping for new law to take effect

This clip starts with a couple of minutes of the new training video being made available to Arizona police officers as they prepare for the state's new immigration statute to take effect. In the training tape, an instructor discourages racial profiling, lays out some DOs and DON'Ts, and also prepares officers for public opposition to the law. Critics of the law say this training approach will turn police into racial profilers

Electric Cars Go Public: Tesla Plugs in Times Square

Some of Tesla’s electric cars were on public display next to NASDAQ’s Manhattan headquarters in New York City on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. Tesla Motors Inc, the American electric car maker, raised over $200 million in a historic initial public offer of its stock, the first by a US automaker since Ford went public in 1956. Founder Elon Musk was around, pic 4, as well as the Model-S, a lithium-ion battery powered model capable pf doing 160-300 miles per charge, and the product on which the company’s future seems to be riding on, pic 8