Play growl/noise okay?

Did some searches, but didn’t quite get the answer I wanted. Quick summary, girlfriend has dog, and got freaked out a bit when she realized she adopted a pit bull (mix I think). I put it in my hello post, but essentially, found a dog at shelter, thought he was so cute, they told her it was American Staffordshire Terrier, and I told her he was a pit (I was away for about 3 weeks when she got him).

Goren at the river (no photos) and a behavior question at the end

I took Goren to the river today to let him swim, it was PACKED, we only have 1 boat ramp and no other place is safe to let him swim. I stood around for about 25 mins letttiing the boats in. Goren was being as patient as he could, he would try to bolt to the river about ever 5 mins and whine a bit (he has not been in the river in over a month) He finally gets to swim and there are no sticks :rolleyes: so he is content to fetch his lead hehe.

behavior question

i have been working with my dog with some of my friends dogs just practicing letting them walk by and around just to get her to ignore dogs well the way she reacts is high pitched whining followed by a down the hop up and whine and pace alot its not getting any better i also notice she gets more excited around kids than adults tries to jump lots of licking etc but something strange happened today at the tractor supply i had her in a down stay while i was paying people were walking by no prob well then some kids come running around in flip flops dont know if that matters but she hops up whine whine screech pace just like she does at other dogs i havnt figured out with the dogs if it is excitement like oohh let me play let me fight or what with the other dogs and now she doing that with the kids running around at the store has me really confused if it is excitement like let me play with the dogs or kids i can deal but i am scared it is attack mode i just dont understand the whinning and crying part but this is the first time she has done this with kids i dont know if i should be worried please help