MT: Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs

Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs July 7, 2010 The White Sulphur Springs, Mont., city council has passed an insurance requirement for the owners of certain breeds of dogs with reputations for aggressive behaviors. The ordinance requires owners of pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers to purchase $500,000 in liability insurance, regardless of whether the animal has shown aggressive behavior. Owners of other dogs would be subject to the insurance requirement if their animal bites a person or acts aggressively without provocation.

Marshfield, WI: Proposal to ban pit bulls

Thanks to Jodi for this alert. Very telling excerpt from the article: “Neillsville adopted an ordinance in February 2003 that banned all new pit bulls but allowed those already licensed in the city to remain…. The ordinance, however, hasn’t reduced the number of dog bites or reports of aggressive dogs.” Yet another city that has More from StopBSL.com..

wondering about success stories with two male dogs…

I was just wondering about other success stories regarding having two male dogs in the house with one being a pit. I have two neutered male dogs, one a pit bull mix and they get along great, but I have heard stories of pits turning and starting to be agressive towards the other dog. I was wondering if this is a common thing or just a rare occurence?