Play growl/noise okay?

Did some searches, but didn’t quite get the answer I wanted. Quick summary, girlfriend has dog, and got freaked out a bit when she realized she adopted a pit bull (mix I think). I put it in my hello post, but essentially, found a dog at shelter, thought he was so cute, they told her it was American Staffordshire Terrier, and I told her he was a pit (I was away for about 3 weeks when she got him).

MT: Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs

Montana Ordinance Requires Insurance for ‘Aggressive’ Dogs July 7, 2010 The White Sulphur Springs, Mont., city council has passed an insurance requirement for the owners of certain breeds of dogs with reputations for aggressive behaviors. The ordinance requires owners of pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers to purchase $500,000 in liability insurance, regardless of whether the animal has shown aggressive behavior. Owners of other dogs would be subject to the insurance requirement if their animal bites a person or acts aggressively without provocation.

My visit to Orange Beach, AL

I am a Orange Beach resident. I decided to go check the beach where I onced planned on taking my children to during their summer vacation. Where I have beautiful pictures of my children playing on the white sands and beautiful waters of the gulf,  I now have these pictures to explain to my children why we are unable to go to the beach.