LeBron James Walking out of the building next to my office!

This happened today completely by chance, I was @ work, I saw two helicopters, I started searching the news channels for the accidents or whatever tragic event was unfolding. Nope, It was LeBron James and he was next door.  Apparently he was getting an MRI.  I cannot confirm nor deny this but he was there, less than 10 feet away from us! Welcome to Miami Lebron!

Shadyside, OH: Committee to work on pit bull ban

Shadyside is a village of about 3600 people. This is the best contact information I can find for Shadyside government: Mayors Office, 50 E 39th St, Shadyside, Ohio 43947-1303 740-676-5972 Fax: 740-676-1084 News reports in March indicated that Shadyside cut 12 city positions*due to a serious budget crisis