Goren at the river (no photos) and a behavior question at the end

I took Goren to the river today to let him swim, it was PACKED, we only have 1 boat ramp and no other place is safe to let him swim. I stood around for about 25 mins letttiing the boats in. Goren was being as patient as he could, he would try to bolt to the river about ever 5 mins and whine a bit (he has not been in the river in over a month) He finally gets to swim and there are no sticks :rolleyes: so he is content to fetch his lead hehe.

my dog has broken out in hives,bumps itchin all the time

my pit bull has some kind of rash, bumps driving him crazy, if i go to the vets or should i say the last time i went they didnt no what was wrong with the dog but you owe us $400.00, now they want to do a skin test for $250.00 to send to the lab and see what alegeries the dog may have,but no guarentees, its not his diet, does any body else ever experience this problem?, hes a pink nose 82pounds of muscle and a 24inch head, poor puppy, any advice would be a help thnx