Glenn Beck: Black panthers respond to "kill cracker babies" comment

The response is not positive. Out of all the frightening ‘kill crackers’ and kill cracker babies comments, the main problem Panthers leadership had is that a black man was publicly berated in the process. As for the killing of white babies, they are willing to stipulate that ‘in this context’ they disagree with the killing of babies.

Glenn Beck: Congressman Stark is better than you

He’s not, really – but he thinks he is. Last week Glenn played the audio of Stark belittling Minutemen as they talked about the border, and completely disrespecting them in the process. It didn’t seem as though this elected official could have any more disdain for the America citizen – and then another video of Congressman Stark was unearthed.

Glenn Beck: Chris Matthews solution for America — rapid rail

Glenn plays the amazing audio of Chris Matthews telling his puny audience that in order to save the economy we have to stop listening ton Europe (who are slowing government spending) and start production on ‘rapid rail’ like France. Too many problems with Matthews idiotic statement of the day to count – Glenn tries to help Matthews out on radio today.