Twitter Training

OK here it is guys a few months ago I created a few videos about Twitter and some of its functions that I use to help promote My blog and some of the other services and products I deal with. Notice how I never mentioned GDI well I did that on purpose I want you to focus on branding and marketing you! Not your business that will come later and quite frankly is the easy part. I want people to know and understand you, I want you to tell people why they should do business with you and what you have to offer them as a leader! WHY SHOULD THEY FOLLOW YOU?

For now here are some training videos on Twitter and some of it’s functions. I know they are not the best training vidoes out there but bear with me for a while untill I can roll out my next training series! Here they are!

1. About Twitter

2. How to create a Twitter account

3. Best practisces used on Twitter

4. How to add a picture on Twitter

5. How to fill out your profile on Twitter

6. Where to Learn Twitter lingo

7. How to create a List on Twitter

8. How to target Twitter followers in your target market

9.How to look at the lists that follow you

More videos comming soon!