Setting up your WordPress blog!

Setting up a blog is not a laughing matter it’s very important in what I do and totally instrumental in your success!

Now before you go any further if you think you are going to achieve any kind of results with a free blog like blog spot or your dead wrong! you’re Life blood in this business is traffic and that is exactly what those sites hate to let you get because they have to pay for band width! You see they just want you there so they can run adds in front of you all day!

Well now that you know that It’s not possible to be successful with a free blog let me tell you about a wonderful tool called Word press. WP is a very flexible website and blog designer that you cannot live without if your trying to make a living online in toady’s market! sure you could go get a domain name and host it and then spend months in front page or something like it designing the perfect website or you can do what I do dream it and put the site up live in a matter of hours or days!

I’m am sure most of you have heard of a company called Godaddy if not well that’s just life Google it one day when you get a min. I really want to talk to you about a company called HOST GATOR. Host gator rocks and if your game and really going to set up a great blog you will soon understand why!

I’m going to supply some links to right where you need to go I am also working on some videos showing you exactly what to do and when to do it to set up your new word press blog!

Don’t worry I was intimidated at first to but once you get in there and start playing around with things it gets easier! You really will not believe how easy it is to install word press! 20 Min’s tops!

Before we get to any of that you ae going to want to think about and choose a domain name, for instance my domain name is,    so to be clear a domain name is everything in between www.  and .com you can make it anything you wish but if I were you I would brainstorm about 10 -30 ideas for your new domain name. Make it simple and easy to remember yet functional and business like! Be professional!

Ok so here we go to get some good name Ideas if your having trouble with your vision or where to go with your domain name this tool is very helpful!

Check it out and once you have a name picked out you may proceed to the next step!

Domain name registration now there are a few different ways to do this and with out getting to techy with you I’m going to try and explain them.

First I’m sure that by now that most 0f you have heard of and if you haven’t please remove the rock above your head lol I’m just kidding relax! is known for being a domain name registry but they also happen to do some hosting as well. So you can create and register a domain name at Godaddy and host it at Hostgator and vise verse. Over all thought Godaddy is a great company and should not be over looked. However the next company im going to introduce you to is called HostGator, Hostgator is well known for hosting and being very good at it, in Fact and don’t hold me to this but I believe that are number one! Well they are number one in my book any way that’s why I’m telling you about them.

I believe Hostgator is one of the best companies out there period they have awesome customer service and even better hosting options and prices.

So now you know a bit about hosting and domain name registering companies out there so lets get you on your way!

Click on the banner below!

Step: 1. After your at the hostgator website find a tab at the top called “WebHosting” Click it!

Step: 2. You may choose what ever plan type you want however I recommend the baby Gator plan! It’s only a few dollars more a month and you again so much flexibility most of which is not listed in this area more on that later!

Step: 3. Type in your desired domain name and select “Register New Domain” then click submit! You will know if you needed the other option!

Step: 4. Select all that you wish to purchase I also recommend grabbing all available .net .biz ect this leaves room to grow later down the road and keeps domain squatters away!

Step: 5. Proceed with check out and enter in the coupon code “snowman” I don’t remember exactly what that coupon will do but hey it’s worth a shot!

Ok so now you should check your email inbox and spam folder for key info relating to your new website!

You will now have access to your con troll panel for your hosting account so log in and take a look around just to get familiar with it we will set up your new word press blog in a few minuets!

OK so once you have taken a look around and you are ready to move on walk with me to a section called “Software/services”

Once there you will be looking for a blue smiley face called “Fantastico De luxe”

Yeup! you guessed it you smart cookie you click it!

Once in side you need to look on the left for a section called blogs and then find the click able link called “WORDPRESS”

Once inside the new area you will see inside the frame to the right is the info that you will be working with you should see something like:

A short description

A wordpress support forum

And then the New installation button go ahead and click new installation and from what I remember that is all you need to do. It is  now installed on your server st hos gator and you are ready to go design your new word press blog!

It feels wonderful doesn’t it!

Under where it says new installation it should also say “View site” go for it It’s yours, ya know!

In the emails you received from host gator you should have received an admin login site where you need to go to work on your blog it will look like mine!

Example link: http://Your domain name/wp-admin

This part should be pretty easy all you need to do is login to get to your control panel.

Once inside that is where all of the fun begins!

Oh and congratulations on setting up your new WordPress blog!