Top five reasons why you should support Project Bully

Top five reasons why you should support Project Bully
  1. Project Bully is working very hard at community out reach.  We would like to involve people that have never been around or experienced pit Bulls in an environment that wasn’t  negative or degrading to the pit bull.     We believe that if you could just see for your self what these animals deliver to the soul of humanity it would change your life forever like it did mine.
  2. Project Bully wants to replace blanket legislation with more education about why BSL is terrible for everyone involved.   Many people do not think about the innocent victims BSL affects.  Lets take the focus off of pit bulls for a second and think about the blind or the thousands of others experiencing other handicaps.  Is it fair to strip them of everything they deserve, need and desire just because of the breed of dog they choose to help them.
  3. Project Bully believes that everyone should have the option to own what ever breed they choose no matter what.  Is it really a safety measure to strip responsible of their freedoms when they have done nothing wrong?
  4. Project Bully is fighting for your freedoms as we speak.  We are currently enabling people to sign our nation wide Breed Specific Legislation petition.   It is very easy and will only take you about 5 mins just select your state fill out the short form and be on the look out for a conformation email.  If you would like to sign our petition against Breed Specific Legislation Click here.
  5. Project Bully Believes education is the only way to stop dog fighting and abuse Project Bully wants to change the way our community feels about pit bulls.   If you would like to learn more about how you can help fight BSL there is a BSL discussion group with tips and advice for fighting BSL.

As always be sure to hop on our list to the left and stay in the know about Project Bully, BSL, and what founder Nick Lannan is doing to improve your lives as well as others in and around our communities.

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