Pit bull legislation is for the birds

Pit bull legislation is for the birds

Project Bully feels that Pit bull legislation is for the birds.

Nick Lannan created Project Bully to help aid in the fight against pit bull legislation and needs your help.

Breed legislation is just downright wrong because it does nothing to curb dog fighting.

It may not even slow it down.

Some people are smart even if they are stupid enough to do something like fight dogs.

These people will continue to do these things as long as they can make the money they make from it.

Project Bully wants to end Breed Specific legislation and turn to a more constructive resolve.

We need A policy that focuses on more of an educational approach opposed to fines and killing confiscated dogs.

I know it sounds harsh ….. Well thats because it is!

Project Bully is focused on education so much because education is how we improve it’s how we make progress.

Our youth are ready and willing to learn if we just teach.

I have spoken with thousands of people online from all over the world and I am convinced that we as a people can change for the better, we can opt for a better community, a better life, a better future for our children!

We can have all of the above!

There is just one catch you have to be the leader you have to educate those in need of it.

I can only reach so many people from my home, office, and phone.

I need you to be a messenger of Project Bully tell people what we are doing to help get rid of pit bull legislation.

You would be fighting for your freedom as well, The freedom of choice!

I want to show you what Project Bully is doing to fight off Pit bull legislation.

Follow me to the next page I would like to show you something that many do not get to see It’s how Im fighting Pit bull legislation.
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