Hannibal, MO: Whispers of BSL (possible breed ban)

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Contact Forms for city council members:

City Clerk Angelica Zerbonia
(573) 221-0111 ext 221

Mayor – Roy Hark
(573) 221-0111 ext 202

City Manager – Jeff LaGarce
(573) 221-0111 ext 202


Letter carrier asks council to address city’s ‘dog problem’.

Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted Jul 20, 2010 @ 09:42 PM

Hannibal, MO — Does Hannibal have a problem with dangerous dogs? A Hannibal letter carrier for 20 years thinks so and on Tuesday night asked the city council to do something about it.

“We have a pit bull problem in this town and it’s out of control,” said Susan Schubert. “It’s time the laws on the books were enforced and pushed further.”

Councilman Kevin Knickerbocker asked about the city’s dangerous dog ordinance. Police Chief Lyndell Davis said that while the city does have such an ordinance, it is reactive in nature.

“The laws are working as designed, but for them to work you have to have a victim,” said Davis.

Davis noted that a number of municipalities, including several in Northeast Missouri, have enacted ordinances which ban certain breeds. Councilman Jeff Lyng, who is a dog owner, indicated he would oppose an ordinance which singles out specific breeds.

Davis cautioned the council that it could expect resistance if it moves forward with some type of dog ban.

“I’d hate to think some kid would be mauled because I was afraid of upsetting a dog owner,” Mayor Roy Hark said.

Hark asked for Davis to meet with Schubert and to begin a review of other communities’ bans and see what could be crafted to meet Hannibal’s needs.

For additional details, see the Wednesday, July 21, edition of the Courier-Post.

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