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Bottle wine-1-800 Wine Shop ( Wine Shop at Home )was founded by John and Melissa Lynch, who started 1-800WineShop over ten years ago with a simple desire to turn a passion for wine country into a way of life. In 1999, 1-800WineShop held their first Harvest Party as a way for customers to experience wine country lifestyle firsthand. Customers asked for more local events, including in-home wine tastings. The WineShop At Home direct sales division was launched as a way for new customers to discover, taste and shop for great wines in the comfort of home while also building a successful business in the wine industry.

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Our Founders

In 1995, John and Melissa Lynch followed their dream of sharing the wine country lifestyle with family and friends and founded a national wine retail company and wine club, featuring handcrafted wines created by local winemakers. By 2001 – in just six short years – their company – 1-800-WineShop – grew to include thousands of customers and club members, who enjoyed high quality wines and the company’s legendary annual Harvest Parties. Quite by accident, the Lynches discovered a secret: the best place to share wine and food with family and friends is in the comfort of home rather than in a retail setting. In 2002, the first WineShop At Home Wine Tasting was held and became the inspiration for the company’s entry into the multi-billion dollar direct selling industry. Today, the Company’s independent Wine Consultants provide thousands of customers throughout the nation a whole new way to learn about, experience and shop for great wine. On target and on trend, WineShop At Home, headquartered in the heart of California’s Napa Valley, epitomizes a new generation of direct sellers who serve their customers with exceptional quality, service and style. WineShop At Home is the only direct seller to offer exclusive, handcrafted artisan wines under their own high quality, prestigious brands.

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