Meet Nick Lannan

Hello My name Is Nick Lannan and I have been an entrepreneur all of my life, I can even remember my dad yelling at me for taking his stereo apart. That and many other things of his lol. Sorry dad! I guess You could say that I have had an adventurous child hood, Im smiling. I remember waking up right after it snowed to go out and shovel the neighbor hoods driveways for cash so we could go to the movies! Or in the summer I would go and cut grass. Even back then I knew It was going to be tough to get all that I wanted in the future. That was about 18 years ago and today I still feel as alive as I did then, I still have a desire to learn and master every task I put on my list, Im constently adding skills and knowlage to increase my Value to others. I think I like learning!

My family

Disney 2012!

My wife and I have been happily married 7 years but have been together 12. We actually met online one summer in a chat room…  My two children Kathleen 3 and Brandon 2  are The best kids I could ever ask for and I love them very much!

I have some pets as well, I have Three pit bulls, One cat, and Two fish. I have pictures posted on my Facebook page.

I would love the chance to talk with you and hear your story and your challenges, Who knows maybe you have a solution that I might need. Im reaching out to you who ever you are!!!