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Examples of Marketing Strategies

Below is a list of examples of free marketing strategies that Nick Lannan personally uses to market his content to the world.

The key is not to market directly through the social media sites listed below market your self not your product!

I know it seems backwards but it is the only way to do this kind of marketing!

Remember people do business with People within the business not the business itself!

Don’t be a sales person be a person!

You can thank me later!!!!


Twitter.com is a very powerful tool when used properly in fact I have personally used Twitter.com to contact more than 18,ooo people for free.

Twitter uses listing to set up a framework to build your network on top of.

Check out my following on Twitter.com Right Here

Twitter.com training videos


FaceBook.com is yet another very powerful tool you can use to deliver your message and content to the world.  Nick Lannan has over 1600 friends on Facebook.com

Facebook utilizes Pages, groups to build networks and communities of FaceBook.com users.

Facebook.com Training videos


Youtube.com is a video hosting and sharing social network users rate and can share or embed posted content to or from anywhere in the world!

Youtube has proven to be a big player in todays information overload.

Nick Lannan has over 90 videos on Youtube.com

Youtube.com training videos


Nick Lannan is also part of the Myspace community and network. With over 6000 friends and fans on Myspace it also has proven to be very effective in driving traffic to where I want it to go.

Myspace uses Groups, forums,pages,blogs and more to create the connection.

Myspace.com Training videos

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