You disagree with this?

So Mark Hoverson’s pre-training
videos are dropping nuclear bombs
on how to actually create time-freedom
& ca$h-flow in this industry.

Common Assumption = You become
a sponsoring machine + create your
own products + get really good at
marketing…and you are golden.

Mark’s training = nope.

His video about the epidemic of the
“lone ranger” syndrome pretty much smashes
those assumptions. He claims that
the secret to quantum wealth, and
actually “doubling your happiness”
is something almost everyone misses.

Watch it here:

This is fun,

Nick Lannan

ps…okay let’s do one more myth-buster
Mark is striking at…

Common assumption = until you make a decent
amount of money inside this industry you
have no business creating “caffeine” products
in the $197 range.

Mark’s training = nay. nay. nay.

His “caffiene ca$h” video walks you through
why peeps who have made little or no money
in this industry are poised to make products
with E-X-T-R-A value compared to the gurus.

Hint: This is the kind of “reverse-logic” that
allowed him to walk away from the mobile
home & food stamps lifestyle…into being
invited to meet Donald Trump privately
(Tip: he didn’t take the invite because
he didn’t really care. Why? Well, you will
learn more about that later).

For now, if it is at all humanely possible,
chisel out as much time as it takes you to
comb through EVERY pre-training video he
has inside his “Blueprint” page.

Let’s be honest: who wants to spend another
minute being stuck trying methods that don’t
work…and will never work…no matter how
hard you try…why not hack into the blueprints
of someone who has generated 8-figures instead?

Rumor has it (ok it’s not a rumor because it
actually happened) that while multi-million dollar
producer Ann Sieg was studying Mark’s “Irresistible
Webinar” pretraining video, she sent an immediate
bulletin to her team saying, “We are adding these
blueprint for our webinars starting NOW!” If the
matriarch of attraction-marketing Ann Sieg is taking
notes, do you think you might glean a secret or two as well?

Watch the same video here:

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