Looking for a job Nick Lannan wants to help!




Are you looking for a job or know someone that is looking for a job?


Please tell them about this page as it could really change their lives.


Some people may look at going to work somewhere in some building that you do not own is some how better for them.


My thinking is why would you go to some place every day to just to have someone tell you   sit down and shut up this is all your going to make today!

Now break yourself for me..


Trust me I know what that is like I have been there.  I understand how crucial a JOB has been in your life thus far.

From day one in school we are taught, what do you want to be when you grow up?   Then we are taught to get a job even though it was not what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.


This may have made sense to me at one point in my life but it does not anymore, not after I have tasted what I have tasted the past few years of my life.

Ahh the taste of success!

Success no matter how small is still a success and it is how you use the inertia that determines how quickly you build your business online or off.  

You may need a job for a little bit but Trust me all you need is you and your determination!

What I am going to ask of you right now is for you to take a serious look at your surroundings and ask your self   do I really feel happy at this point in my life?

If your like me the answer was no!

So I decided to do something about it like you should right now!



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