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If you are looking for a nice cross that is not to small and not to big this cross is for you!

This cross is one of our bigger sellers and tends to reach about 300 people a year.

firefighter jewelry sterling silver Maltese cross from Lannan Jewelry

firefighter jewelry

Let me tell you a bit about it,   First thing I would like to talk about is the bail it is the little part at the top of the pendant that allows a chain to securely hold the pendant.   The opening on this pendant is big enough to allow a 1.5mm dia chain to pass through it.

This piece is polished on the edges and the face of the pendant.

The back will carry a quality stamp as well as a sandblast finish.

We also put a protective coating on the pendant to ensure a longer lasting finish as well as a resistance to tarnish.

From start to finish It took 9 people to abo9ut 6-8 mins to produce this piece and you support them by purchasing our jewelry and sending us your referrals.

I want to thank you for helping Lannan Jewelry continue to produce the products that we love to make everyday!

I am proud of our products and I believe you will be to!


This Product is made in the USA!

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