“Gun control” Boston I have a question for you





Gun control,  Boston I have a question for you!


We all know about the recent event’s that did in fact involve guns.   However I want to question you from a different perspective.

From my perspective.

My name is Nick Lannan i’m from Kentucky,  I have been watching all of this past week’s tragedy unfold through my TV and through my cell phone  I have a question for you Boston.


Did you feel 100% safe protected by the government, local law enforcement when those bombers were ripping through your neighborhoods shooting and detonating more bombs?

I did not feel as safe as I did the week before and I live in Kentucky.

You see What I am concerned of is the government taking all guns away and leaving us alone to defend ourselves against whatever   may be out there, obviously there are more deranged psycho’s out there than we know about.

My self I found the Boston attacks sicking.

Beyond Gun control I believe this is a pure breakdown of border securityImmigration policies.

Why are we not checking up on these people it’s Job creation and security all in one.

Knowing that these people got in a few years ago when we were sleeping tells me that it would be logical to assume more exist in our country today.

This brings me right head on into the issue of gun control.

 Do you want to suffer through another event like this with out a gun to defend your self?

Not me not with my family even if I did not own a gun I would still like to have the right to purchase one in situations that may require self defence measures.


I’m curious to understand your positions after going through this past weeks events.



I wish you well Boston we are all rooting for you!




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