What is your definition of freedom?

My personal definition of  freedom is one that is passionate and realistic.   All I want in this life is to spend my precious time here on earth with my friends and family.

The past two years have really changed my mind about well a lot of things but most importantly they have changes not only my perspective on freedom but my very definition of it.

Freedom–   Definition wiki    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom if you look there is no clear definition wich means we can make it what ever we want or desire.


Here is my definition of freedom ….


The ability to educate yourself to a particular level to ever evolve and tune your surroundings to your liking.


If your like me you investigate almost every angle to accrue more knowledge.  I have spent thousands of dollars to give my self the ability to get educated as well as change my surroundings.

Today I want to give you something for Free it’s a bit of knowledge that may help you change your definition of freedom to your liking.

Click Here for more FREEDOM!

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