Learning how to market a product is not easy

Learning how to market a product is not easy

In fact learning how to market a product can be very difficult.

9 out of ten people that I talk to do not know how to market a product online.

They tell me that they do not poses the correct knowledge that will allow them to figure out how to market a product online.

Im going to give you a quick example of how easy one part of on page SEO can be.

Nick what in the world is on page SEO?

On page SEO is simply the art of telling Specific search engines what you have, This is huge in learning how to market a product.

SO believe it or not one of the things that you need to know and have to have in your blog post when trying to rank in the search engines is

All three of the Title tags with the key word in them This is key in learning how to market a product.

for example it would look something like this.

500- 700 words in each post.
<H1>Keyword or keyword phrase or keyword in a sentence<H1>
<H2>Keyword or keyword phrase or keyword in a sentence<H2>
More body
<H3>Keyword or keyword phrase or keyword in a sentence<H3>

Link to product
Believe me there is a lot more to it and quite frankly Im not the best at teaching it yet so I would like to let 2 guys that I know of online show you so you can get the most up to date and correct information that I can provide you with.

Im learning to!

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