Monthly Archives: January 2011

American Amstaff Terrier

The American Amstaff Terrier deserves a fighting chance and you should fight to! Nick Lannan is doing his part check out what Nick Lannan is doing for the American AMstaff Terrier Nick Lannan also has a dream of getting rid of Breed Specific Legislation all together thats why he started […]

American Amstaff Terrier Jewelry

American Amstaff Terrier Jewelry created by Nick Lannan  Founder of Project Bully. Not to long ago Nick Lannan had a vision….. Nick started to come up with fresh designs and they were quite unique,   No one out there online has anything like what Project Bully has come up with. […]

Ban BSL in the united states

To ban BSL in the United States would be awesome I think and Im sure that most would agree that the dogs that would be super happy. To ban BSL in the united states is going to take a lot of work from everyone involved including you. If you’r reading […]