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Vote now!

Hours left… Last chance to vote on the PBRC People’s Choice Pit Bull Calendar! Pit Bull Rescue Central (www.pbrc.net) Where Education Meets Rescue See more here: Vote now! Make Money Online

Understanding the APBT Temperment

I found this article very informative and useful for beginners!  Happy Reading! Understanding the APBT Temperment Temperament is the most important trait of the American Pit Bull Terrier. When adopting or buying a new puppy the first thing you should look for is a pup with a good temperament. This […]

Skeletor mentioned on Jacksonville.com

Thanks to Mel for spreading the word about Skelly. He was mentioned on Jacksonville.com, which is the website of the Florida Times Union. http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/401979/deirdre-conner/2010-08-30/cold-noses-pet-owners-go-online-raise-money-vet-bills Read more here: Skeletor mentioned on Jacksonville.com Lighting Lamps