Daily Archives: June 19, 2010

Most Intriguing Person, June 18

Courtesy BP This guy is intriguing because he is the face of a new ad campaign for BP.  He brings an American face to the disaster and an American dialect to BP's public relations efforts.  He's Darryl Willis and he's the head of BP's claims team.  Willis says he “volunteered for this assignment because this is my home.”  He has said he was “born and raised in Louisiana” and that his mother lost her home in Hurricane Katrina.  He's also assuring Americans BP will continue paying cleanup costs from the oil spill.

Over the counter Frontline/Advantix??

Has anyone seen the commercials now running that you can buy Frontline/Advantix over the counter at PetSmart? Just wondering on what your thoughts and opinions on that are? I thought you could only buy it from a licensed Vet, but apparently, they have decided to make it available over the counter as well now.

Hurt Toe

Well, if its not one thing with Starr its another lol :p Umm, recently shes been licking one of her toes…its kinda swelled, i know it hurts her a lil. Ive cleaned it once today for the first time with peroxide (ive heard its really not a good idea to use that but it needed to be cleaned up), it deff. fizzed up and i cant keep her from licking or kinda gnawing at it (before OR after the peroxide), i dont want this getting worse.